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USListings.com is a brand owned by Standard Real Estate, LLC and this Privacy Policy controls the use of the website http://www.USListings.com. By using or registering for the site, Users accept this Privacy Policy.

If users create or edit a listing, add contact information on a listing, such information can become “publicly available” and USListings.com is not liable for the personal or confidential information users submit to these areas.

USListings.com collects information on the site from several areas including user registration, when listings are created or edited, and when surveys are sponsored by our site. USListings.com tracks IP addresses of users and places cookies in browser files. This may be required for current or future services. Personal information may be used to contact users for research, customer service, etc. Search activity will be collected and will be used for business reasons. Cookies and IP monitoring, web beacons, tags and scripts will be used by USListings.com, its advertising partners or affiliates. You may have your personal information deleted by contacting us.

USListings.com may need to disclose personal information when required by law when there is good reason to believe that action is necessary to comply with a current legal process, court request, government request.

We share user information when a user creates or edits a listing; users or visitors searching the site can view contact or personal information by viewing listing details. “Closed” and “Active” information will be available for users/visitors to view publically. Info that is included on a listing essentially becomes public information, as the site is open to visitors. “Closed” info will be viewable to registered users. This includes the asking rates and terms and all financial information inputted for “for lease” or “for sale” listings. This includes, but is not limited to: offering memorandums, tenant information, lease information/terms, financial data, documents, pictures, and uploaded flyers. The information inputted/uploaded for listings is by the user’s choice, and essentially becomes public information. USListings.com is not responsible for confidential information that users did not have the permission to share on the site. USListings.com is not responsible if you violate the privacy of others and share information you were not allowed to share. We reserve the right to retain files of all listings regardless of listing status indefinitely for research, analytics, other services, and data storage reasons.

USListings.com will use cookies to make it easier for users to use the site by storing user preferences, or remembering login info so you don’t have to retype it every time you log in, etc. We retain information and it may include, but is not limited to: IP addresses, browser make, internet provider, referring or exit page, operating system, date-time stamp, and-or clickstream info; typical analytic information.

We may make information collected on our website available to 3rd parties, affiliates, participants; we may share from time to time information we collect about our visitors, users, or former member or users with mailers, customer support affiliates, financial services companies, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, etc. We may also use and share any non-personal information posted on the site including any de-identified and aggregated data with third parties without limit whatsoever.

If USListings.com decides to change the Privacy Policy it will post the changes. USListings.com reserves the right to modify, expand this privacy statement at any time for any reason. This Privacy Policy should be reviewed carefully and checked regularly for changes.