is a commercial real estate listing service developed by Mike Baldi, MAI and Conn-Comp Sales Data. is an open platform with all listings 100% viewable to site visitors. The site includes both for sale and for lease listings for all commercial property types. The service is currently free with the intention of being low-cost. The site is open to brokers, owners, appraisers, and anyone that needs real estate information. Our site is open to any geography in the United States, however our initial focus is Connecticut and then regionally in greater New England and New York.

We developed because our existing customers have continually reported a lack of viable alternatives for listing commercial real estate and reliable commercial real estate information. We will integrate with to expand beyond our existing data offerings. was developed by real estate people that understand the commercial real estate lifestyle. We believe the market needs simple software that is fast and reliable to use. We believe the market needs a company that can be counted on to aggressively pursue the business in a trustworthy and competent manner. It is our absolute goal to achieve operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy is to keep the software as simple as possible thereby operating at a cost advantage and ease-of-use advantage. We believe the simpler the website is, the more people will adopt it. Our ultimate mission is to achieve a dominate market share of commercial real estate listings. We believe that we can achieve our market share goals if: 1) we achieve an enduring low-cost advantage, 2) we aggressively start new relationships and follow through on promises, 3) train new users and provide great customer support, and 4) continually listen to our customers and incorporate their wants/needs into the site.

New users can input listings or provide marketing materials to our staff and we will input the listings free of charge.

Web Address

Cost of Service



Registration is free and fully automated on the website home page. Users can register for free instantly by clicking “sign up” at the top of the homepage. No need to contact us to register!

Type of Service

Commercial real estate online listing service

Type of Transactions Covered

Both for sale and for lease listings are supported

Property Types Covered

All commercial property types including Industrial, Multifamily, Retail, Office, Land, Hotels, Self-Storage, and Special Purpose Properties

Property Types Not Covered

Residential houses are not supported

Initial Training

USListings provides free demos and Q&A sessions in order to orient new users with the platform; demos can be in person or via web meetings

Initial Input of Listings

Users can input listings or provide marketing information to our staff and we will add listings free of charge

Closed listings

Users that register gain access to closed listings that can be used for comps

Listing Availability

All listings are 100% viewable to visitors; no need to login to see listings

Contact Information

  • The service is free
  • All listings are 100% open to the public
  • The site is minimalistic and simple to use
  • The site loads and works faster than competing websites
  • Listing input forms are tailored by property type to allow for rapid data input (no long forms!)
  • The site will be integrated with to expand real estate data offerings
  • The site allows for powerful searches that populate instantly
  • The site provides access to closed listings that can be used for comps
  • The site is owned by real estate professionals who actually understand the business